What is the difference between Konbu Jiro and Konbu Streetfood?

While Konbu Streetfood wants to bring the whole Asian foodscene to Groningen; from Vietnamese, Japanese, to Korean food, Konbu Jiro is mainly focused on Korean foodscene only. Konbu Streetfood serves nice hot noodle soups with diverse street food items which you can get in Asia, such as gyoza’s and dumplings. Konbu Jiro has two floors, with one focusing Korean BBQ and the second one the Chimaek concept with lovely cocktails.
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Konbu StreetfoodKonbu Jiro – ChimaekKonbu Jiro – Korean BBQ

Why is there Konbu Jiro if Streetfood also has Korean food?

Because the Asian foodscene is so big. With one restaurant we were not able to show the full experience, so we decided to show one of our favorite foodscene first, to let customers fully experience the Korean food, with Korean vibe, and more importantly Korean fun.

Is there airco available?

Yes!!! So slurp the soup while it’s hot in Streetfood and have no worries during Korean BBQ at Jiro as we have airco available.

Do we have halal food?

Yes! We would like to let everyone experience the Asian foodscene and have therefore made sure that all our beef and chicken is halal.

Why does almost everyone speaks English?

We think it’s important to give everyone possibilities to work at Konbu as long as they love the Asian foodscene and therefore, most of our team members speaks English.

Do you have gift cards available?

Yes, we do. You can buy them via our reservation system.

Do we need to reserve?

We always recommend to reserve, as we have a lot of walk in customers and ofcourse we would prefer to have a seat ready for your while you are looking forward to it.

Are animals allowed in the restaurants?

Unfortunately, it’s not allowed to take animals in our restaurants, except guide dogs.

I would like to join the Konbu team! Where can I apply?

We always welcome new team members when there are free spaces, feel free to send an open application to jobs@konbu.nl and we will get back to you soonest.